Rapid & effective alerts & actions for persistent problems. 

Prevent what's about to happen miles away in off-grid locations. 

Cerebella® collaboration platform for hybrid human-machine teams.

An end-to-end solution to augment small human teams with smart resources for complex, time-critical missions in off-grid locations. We provide the platform, together with our low power communication modules and edge-AI cameras  so users can get the system up and running anywhere.   

Protect lives, assets & animals remotely, 
regardless of locations & infrastructure

Remote monitoring made easier with early warnings from AI-assisted sensors and rapid actions via taskable, autonomous drones, on a single map-based view early and effective intervention. Designed for teams of any size, with the challenge of protecting lives, assets and wildlife in the real world, with little or no reliable infrastructure.  


Rapid, accurate, real-time threat detection and warnings 


Treat AI-powered, off-grid devices as taskable team members 


Flexible, hybrid teams for different scenarios and large operations

One unified app for autonomous systems

Introducing the world’s first universal operating system for hybrid teams. 

We integrate with the most common drone, robotic and sensor systems, so data can be combined, filtered, actioned and analysed in one place. This enables more effective decision making with accurate big picture and low-level details available.  

As machines get smarter, collaboration should be as easy as working with another (great) team member and workflows can be set up to enable large-scale automation. Cerebella paves the way for this future, so augmented teams can be twice as productive as they were last year. 

Get started in 1,2,3

Once you have signed up, we will run through a free consultation to understand your environment and challenges. From there we can propose the system and devices that will achieve your goals. 


The devices will be shipped to you with easy set up instructions and self-guided tours on Cerebella (on-site installation service also available via our local partners). Then you can sit back and simply let your hybrid teams do the magic!

Easy, quick set up 

Set alerts 

Task teams to follow up 

What capabilities would you like to add to your team today?

Add new resources and capabilities in a few clicks via Cerebella, from ordering to installing and getting things up and running. Cerebella integrates with many other partners via APIs, to add functionalities to the system.  Contact us below to request support for your favourite tools and partners. 


across staff, robotic, AI & sensor resources, simplified on 1 screen.


with powerful APIs. Build your own workflow for true automation.


with accurate imagery thanks to edge AI visual recognition. 


for redundancy and reliability, even in challenging environments.  



Quickly add robotic, camera and other resources as needed.


to be at the right time, at the right place, no matter the geographical barriers. 

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Helping teams around the world tackle persistent, global-scale problems by overcoming today's barriers. 

Remote monitoring and response against poaching, theft and trespass is a massive challenge today. Security staff need to be in the right place at the right time, across large geographical areas, with the right information. 

​Many government, non-profit and commercial organisations still rely on manual patrolling, sometimes with helicopters and military forces. Current technology is expensive to install, power and connect but is still unreliable and prone to false-positive. Traditional CCTV generates an overwhelming amount of data that has to be streamed back to a central location (usually over fibre) and analysed.  Furthermore, the areas to be monitored are often enormous and highly varied, making it hard to be maintain awareness and a ready response. 


Despite the rapid development of AI and robotic solutions, the lack of connectivity, power infrastructure and integrations makes it hard to deploy the latest AI and robotics solutions in a collaborative manner, effectively and easily.

Manual, non-scalable labour with underresourced teams

Ineffective, unreliable & non-preventative solutions

Costly, complex infrastructure & planning required

We envision a different future where, through a unifying collaboration platform combined with portable connectivity hardware solutions, hybrid teams of smart machines and people can be quickly set up and coordinated in remote places. Depending on the use case and physical environment, different technology can be used, for example, edge AI cameras to look out for problems, IoT tripwires to look out for trespassing and drones to follow up. This modular approach allows many problems in remote places to be solved at scale, at a fraction of the cost, complexity and time required.



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