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Poneers wanted.

Partner with Cerebella to instantly add capabilities and empower your customers with integrated smart technology they need to solve real world security challenges.

Cerebella provides the one-stop-shop for your customers’ teams to bring AI, smart robots and devices into their security workflows, from assigning different detection tasks through to dynamically responding to alerts in different environments.

Here’s what our customers love about Cerebella:

  • Improved collaboration

  • Improved response time to incidents

  • Reduced number of incidents

  • Combine best in class technology with legacy systems

  • Faster innovation


If you help your customers choose and implement software, we’d love to make Cerebella a part of your offering.

Extend your offering use cases and stand out with additional capabilities        

Co-marketing and joint business development activities to extend your reach and capacity

Build deeper relationships with additional data and engagement

Become a Cerebella Partner.

Here are some of the benefits to being our Partner:

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